The Kitáb-i-Aqdas - The Most Holy Book
Index term: associated with compensatory verses, under Sitting
Upon completing your prostrations, seat yourselves cross-legged
The Arabic expression "haykalu't-tawhíd", translated here as "cross-legged", means the "posture of unity". It has traditionally signified a cross-legged position.
Question: Concerning the blessed verse, "When travelling, if ye should stop and rest in some safe spot, perform ye . . . a single prostration in place of each unsaid Obligatory Prayer": is this compensation for the Obligatory Prayer missed by reason of insecure circumstances, or is obligatory prayer completely suspended during travel, and doth the prostration take its place?
Answer: If, when the hour of obligatory prayer arriveth, there be no security, one should, upon arrival in safe surroundings, perform a prostration in place of each Obligatory Prayer that was missed, and after the final prostration, sit cross-legged and read the designated verse. If there be a safe place, obligatory prayer is not suspended during travel.